Louis Vuitton and Sophie Turner will feed starving children


Photo: Louis Vuitton

French fashion house Louis Vuitton and Sophie Turner jointly celebrated the world children’s day, celebrated on November 20. About it “lente.ru” has informed the representative a press-services of the brand.

Fashion house and British actress, Ambassador of Louis Vuitton, released developed with the participation of Turner joint version of the Lockit Silver bracelet: braided red and white cord with round pendant with the image of a white hare. Hare and hare’s foot in many countries — a symbol of good luck, as well as red color which is considered lucky in China.

Photo: Louis Vuitton 1/4

Part of the proceeds from the sale of bracelets Silver Lockit x Sophie Turner that will be presented in more than 160 stores Louis Vuitton worldwide and the online store will go to Fund UNICEF to help starving children for vaccination and outbreak prevention. Louis Vuitton thus develops its campaign #MAKEAPROMISE, drawing attention to the needs of the most vulnerable children, and humanitarian action of UNICEF.

“I hope the bracelet will bring good luck to those children who are in need. The goal of UNICEF and Louis Vuitton is to unite people worldwide in the name of this noble goal. Red is a lucky color in China, white is the same color of the hare with the suspension. In many countries it is believed that a white hare and rabbit’s feet bring luck,” explained Sophie Turner.

Earlier thanks to the help of UNICEF, the government of Bangladesh was able to vaccinate 900,000 children and adults from cholera and to save more than 263 000 children from malnutrition in a refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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