Named the best city in the Moscow region for earnings on housing


Photo: Boris Kavashkin / TASS

Investment in suburban housing under a lease pay off faster in Balashikha. Such data are contained in the study of portal “World apartments” (in edition “”).

“We calculated the annual income of the owner from the rent based on average rental rates in the cities (…). Then divided it by the average price of apartments,” — says Pavel Lutsenko, General Director of “World apartments”. The data indicate that the fastest way to pay off the investment in housing Balashikha. The average payback period in the city is 17 years, average yield is 6 percent per annum.

On the second place of the rating was Lobnya and Podolsk, where the average yield is only slightly inferior to that of Balashikha (5.9%), and the payback period also does not exceed 17 years.

In the middle was taken by Domodedovo, a Prominent, Lytkarino and Mytishi. The average payback period of investment in rental housing in these cities was 18-19 years old, the yields were found to be within 5.1 to 5.6 per cent per annum.

Towards the end of the rating was Kotelniki Lyubertsy, where housing prices rose after the opening of the metro. The average payback period in these settlements amounted to 22, the yield is 4.5-4.6 per cent per annum.

Previously, experts Avito has made its own rating of Russian cities in which real estate allows you to earn the maximum short-term lease. First place went to St. Petersburg, the second and third lines took Moscow and Sochi.

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