Saudi Arabia received German weapons to bypass the ban


Photo: Faisal Al Nasser / Reuters

Saudi Arabia continues to obtain ammunition from Germany, despite Berlin imposed a ban on the sale of arms to the Kingdom. This is stated in a joint investigation of the German Stern magazine and TV channel ARD.

According to them, the weapons the Saudis supplying the German company Rheinmetall is one of the largest manufacturers of military equipment and weapons in Germany and Europe. He does it through its own subsidiaries in Italy and South Africa. As noted, firm in the South African site is even promoting some of their products as “extremely lethal”.

Journalists write that the Executive Director of the group Helmut merch back in November during a conference call with Bank analysts assured them: a ban Berlin does not affect these deliveries. According to him, the company annually ships more ammunition than 10 million euros.

That Germany completely stopped the supply of arms to Saudi Arabia over the murder of journalist Jamal Haskouri country’s Embassy in Turkey, reported on 19 November. Then the German government refused to sign the new agreement and investigated how it is possible to suspend the delivery on existing contracts. In September Germany signed with Riyadh a deal to supply weapons with a volume of 416 million euros, it was also frozen

Jamal Hakuji went missing on 2 October on the territory of the Consulate of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh recognized the journalist’s death just 18 days after his death. The foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia assured that the crown Prince, which Turkey and the United States suspected of ordering the murder, was not aware of the operation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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