The killing of cows led to the deadly massacre


Photo: Associated Press

A crowd of peasants in Northern India ransacked because of a murder of cows, in which two people died. About this newspaper the South China Morning Post.

More than 400 farmers from several villages in Uttar Pradesh took part in mass protest. They set fire to cars and threw stones at police. They replied with batons and fired in the air. The collision killed one police officer and a local resident. The exact cause of death has not been elucidated.

The riot began due to the fact that someone found a discarded corpses of cows near the village. Cow killing and storing their meat is prohibited by law in many States of India.

In 2016, a similar incident occurred in the state of Gujarat. Then, under protest, a policeman was killed. The murder of cows accused the local representatives of low-caste untouchables and subjected them to brutal public beatings.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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