Disclosed the effects of not including aviarium in flight


Photo: Lorenzo Mattei / Globallookpress.com

The passenger forgot to turn on the smartphone airplane mode during the flight and paid $ 300 (20 thousand roubles) per bond. Reported by the News.com.au.

The man told how a few weeks after a flight with Aer Lingus its operator AT&T sent him a bill.

AT&T stated that his phone was connected to the antenna of the aircraft and, thus, was outside the unlimited international roaming. According to them, this can happen not only with passengers of airplanes in the sky, but also with the passengers of the ships that came to the open sea.

In November, the Australian pilot Brett Manders (Manders Brett) answered the most common questions about the structure of the aircraft and the safety. He spoke about integrity and turbulence, and also warned of the importance of incorporating aviarium the phone at the time of the flight. According to him, a gadget can be a hindrance to the operation of instruments in the cockpit, even if in fact the passenger does not use it.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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