Epic duel of strangers “FAQs” in the middle of the street, laugh on the Internet


@apiecebyguy / Twitter

The new Yorker has published on Twitter a video of the unusual encounter, the witness of which became in one of the streets of the city. Young people faced in the middle of the sidewalk, began to show each other indecent gestures.

The duel lasted about 30 seconds and did not end even when one of its members went to the opposite side of the road. “The strongest fight I have ever seen,” described by the author of the post.

During the day the video attracted nearly 12 million views. Users began to joke, wondering what is not shared with complete strangers, and find a definition to match. One of mikroblogerov called him a UFC championship is the Ultimate Finger (instead of Fighter). The incident was compared with the battle scene at Hogwarts from the movie Harry Potter. Some went further and imagined how would this fight have looked at lasers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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