Named best brands of orange juice


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Expert centre of the Russian consumers Union “Roskontrol” conducted a study of orange juice. It has involved samples of seven grades: “OK”, “I”, “Sady pridonia”, Santal, “Just Azbuka”, Noyan and the Four seasons.

Experts studied the juice for over 40 quality parameters, among which the presence of vitamins, pesticides, levels of toxicity.

The examination revealed that the nutrient profile of juice “OK” differs from that stated on the label. This suggests that it may contain an admixture of other raw materials. Juice “Gardens Pridonya” was discovered sugar, which contradicts the assertion on the packaging.

The components of the juice, the Four seasons did not coincide with the composition of orange, so the drink can not be called orange juice.

Juices “I”, “Gardens Pridonya” and Santal revealed a high content of organic pigments, which may indicate the presence of dye (contrary to the stated on the packaging).

As a result, all the samples have been tested for safety. However, the juices under the brand “okay” and “Gardens Pridonya” is listed in the list of goods with comments and “Four seasons” — in the black list. Juices “I” Santal, “Just Azbuka” and Noyan recommended “Roskontrol” to eat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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