Named regions of Russia with the “luxury” transport taxes


Photo: Elena Eliseeva / “Kommersant”

Analytics auditing and consulting network FinExpertiza held a study and found that in some regions of Russia the most loyal citizens of the transport tax, and where, on the contrary, the highest and comparable to the luxury tax. A copy of the study available to the “”.

The final size of the transport tax in Russia will determine the region’s power at the Federal level, it only sets the maximum rate value of one horse power car engine. The maximum tax rate per horsepower may exceed this rate in 10 times. Norms are established for several types of power cars. For example, for vehicles with a capacity above 250 horsepower standard cost of one force is 15 rubles, and the maximum tax rate, respectively, can be set at 150 rubles per one horsepower.

The study showed that in 43 regions cars with engine capacity of over 250 horsepower are considered luxury and are taxed a maximum rate law. Only three of the region, as analysts, to correct for the age of the car in tax. Thus, in Primorsky Krai for a car under three years the rate will be the maximum from 3 to 10 years it will amount to 112.5 ruble, and older than 10 years — 45 rubles per horsepower. The situation is similar in the Novosibirsk region: in the car in under 5 years the rate will be the maximum, 5 to 10 years it will amount to 112.5 ruble, and over 10 years — 75 rubles per horsepower. In Buryatia for the car under 5 years is charged tax at a rate of 83.4 ruble, 5 to 10 years the rate is 75.5 rubles for one horsepower, over 10 years old — 68.7 ruble.

The most budget car in terms of taxation of cars with a capacity below 100 horse power. Most loyal to the low-power cars turned out of the Orenburg and Sverdlovsk region, where they transport are not taxed at all. In third place is Kaliningrad oblast — 2,5 rubles per horsepower for low-power cars.

“The main indicator characterizing the transport tax in a particular region as a tax on luxury or socially-oriented tax, is the difference in the amount of rates for the most high-and the low-power category of vehicles. The greater the difference, the more likely you can call the tax of in the region luxury tax” — explain the authors of the study.

The minimum difference between the taxes based on the power of the car was Perm Krai. There interest rate for cars with engine power above 250 horse only two times higher than the rate for cars capacity to 100 horsepowers. But the luxury tax, the transport tax it is possible to call in the Orenburg region — in the absence of taxes on low-power cars power above 250 horses are subject to the maximum of 150 rubles for each horse.

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