Officials were interested in the worms in the plates of patients of children’s hospital



The Ministry of health of the Saratov region checks the message about the worms that fall into the plates of food patients children’s infectious hospital № 5, Saratov, RIA Novosti reported

“At the moment we can say that all food is cooked with observance of sanitary rules and norms, there are daily samples that are stored for 48 hours”, — told the Agency in the Department.

Officials stressed that circulated on the Internet about worms in the food saratovtsy should apply to the administration of the hospital.

The photo with the spoon, which is something like a worm, was published on Tuesday, 4 December, public “Saratov online” in “Vkontakte”. The author of the picture said his wife is with child in the Saratov children’s infectious clinical hospital № 5.

“All food served with worms,” said the man. Because of this, his child can’t eat in the dining room and remains hungry, and the transfer from home to institution is not accepted.

To claim the child’s mother in the dining room said that 160 people eat their portion and don’t complain.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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