Pashinyan decided to force Lukashenko to explain


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Acting Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan will demand an explanation from the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the session of the Supreme Eurasian economic Council, which will be held in St. Petersburg on 6 December. With this statement he made on Wednesday, December 5, reports “news-Armenia”.

“We need to talk around issues, let us not delay,” explained the politician.

November 12, President Lukashenko met with the Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Minsk Latif Gandilov, which discussed the appointment of the new Secretary General of the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO) in place of the representative of Armenia Yuri Khachaturov, who was recalled from his post in Yerevan (at the same time Azerbaijan in the organization is not included). Lukashenka also said that Pashinyan has to deal with the situation regarding the CSTO Secretary General.

Four days later Pashinyan responded to the words of the Belarusian leader. “Imagine a similar situation if, for example, I’ll invite the Ambassador of any country not included in the CSTO, and talk about held in a restricted format meeting. Can you imagine? Is meeting in a closed format, where the heads of the military-political Union are holding a closed discussion, and, if the hearing is closed, then it is a closed conversation among allies. And I’m surprised that people, 30 or more years with the status of the head of state, can afford to take such a step,” he said. The next day the press Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belarus Anatoly Glaz, commenting on the words Pashinian, said that “the rules of street democracy is not acceptable in politics”.

Yuri Khachaturov accused of attempting a coup d’etat in Armenia in 2008, were withdrawn by Yerevan without prior coordination procedures with other members of the Organization in early November. The duties of the CSTO Secretary General was assigned to the Deputy Secretary-General of the Russian Valery Semerikova.

The new General Secretary was to be elected at the summit of member States of the CSTO in Astana on 8 November, but the consensus on the candidacy of the members of the Association could not be reached. At the beginning of December it became known that the next CSTO summit, which was held in St. Petersburg on December 6 (and which could be solved a question about the new Secretary General), will not take place.

Armenia, which is the current Chairman of the CSTO (the chairmanship in the organization goes from one state to the next in accordance with the Russian alphabet) insists on the appointment of a representative, because Khachaturov, worked a half instead of three years — the term of office of the Armenian side expires in 2020. In turn, Lukashenko said he was ready to submit to the Secretary General of the three candidates from Belarus. He was supported by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, who believes that organizations need a “normal acting Secretary General following, from the Belarusian side.”

The Treaty on collective security, or Tashkent Treaty, was signed in 1992 by Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The purpose of the organization is to promote international peace, security and stability and protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of member States.

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