Pretend to be first lady crook took the guests to the President’s house and got caught


The President Of Nigeria Mohammad, Buhariwala: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

In Nigeria arrested a woman, pretending to be the wife of the President Mohamadou Bukhari and conducted the guests to the territory of the presidential residence. About it reports BBC News.

Amina Mohammed used several types of forged documents and deceit penetrated into the presidential compound. There reportedly have calculated the swindler and the special services have entered into illegal contracts with businessmen. Myself Mohammed during a press conference on the case, said that all accusations are false. The punishment for a woman, not specified.

According to the representative of the Ministry of state security Peter Afunny scandal erupted in November of 2017, when the first lady Aisha Buhari was abroad. At the same time, the businessman Alexander Chika Okafor was invited to the presidential Villa from the face of Aisha. The man subsequently accused of fraud, that she lied to him for 150 million Naira (414 thousand dollars), a deal for the construction of the country’s largest city Lagos.

Mohammed took advantage of the fact that the first lady, Ministers and other officials do not pass through all security procedures provided at the entrance to the presidential residence. According to the correspondent BBC News, news that someone else can enter the protected area — shocking. It is noted that when entering the complex the visitor must present a special pass, which includes biometric data. In addition, all passing to the complex record.

In September security forces arrested one of the assistant Aisha Buhari, who was convicted of illegal fundraising. The accused is not guilty.

The next presidential election in Nigeria will be held in February. Mahamudu Bukhari plans to resume the presidency. Upon taking the position in 2015, he promised to deal with the incredible level of corruption in the country. 3 Dec Bukhari has denied rumors that he had died and was replaced by a clone.

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