Residents of Kamchatka were Soviet citizens for the free electricity


Photo: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

Resource-supplying enterprises and management companies of Kamchatka began receiving dozens of appeals from residents of the region, claiming that they “Live the Sovereign Citizens of the Union of Soviet Socialist republics” and refuses to recognize the debts and pay the bills. It is reported IA “Kamchatka-inform”.

According to the Agency, “Soviet citizens” to actively distribute campaign leaflets said that lifesaving resources should be free, and disabling them is a criminal offense. Of violations are encouraged to report to room 112.

“In “Energosbyt” come statements from some consumers who claim that they are governed by the laws of the USSR, the power belongs to the people, and the people against him tossed the receipt with the accounts for energy consumption”, — told RIA Novosti employee of the company, JSC “Kamchatskenergo” Elena Silaeva.

She added that such letters written by the members of the two organizations; the name of one of them — “Union of the born in the USSR”. Debtors often send confirmation copies of birth certificates, identity cards and other documents.

According to her, the company is responding to such requests in the usual manner. “They are given a reasoned response that we act in accordance with the law on housing, lists the regulations under which the company operates, and it is recommended to pay for the services,” explained Simaeva.

The company prepares the statement with an appeal not to trust such organizations and the time to pay the bills, as debts result in fines and blackouts. Complaints from “citizens of the USSR” also come in “Vodokanal”, operating companies and the major repair Fund, said the representative of JSC “Kamchatskenergo”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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