She tried to humiliate fat guy Tinder and miscalculated


Photo: Cris Faga /

The user of the application Dating Tinder published on the portal Bored Panda conversation with a stranger, who accidentally expressed his sympathy. The girl apologized and admitted that he does not like thick, but was unable to stop it and told the guy mucks.

“You are very fat. I don’t like fat people. I accidentally “liked” you. I’m sorry,” began the girl named Becca.

Without waiting for a reply, she sent a few more messages: “Please do not lay hands on himself. One day someone will love you and your bulky. But I don’t. Because I like people with normal size clothing. To which you do not belong. Goodbye.”

The guy was not offended, but potrollit her: “Wait, I’m fat?! When did this happen? But I promise I will never commit suicide. I’ll try to work on it. But I in any case, not whores”.

The girl of his answer did not like. “Listen up, schmuck” — she began, but the receiver it’s blocked.

Rebuke the guy made an impression on users Bored Panda. “Anyone can solve the weight problem with diet. But you can’t cure idiocy” — stated one of them. “It should be much easier than others due to the lack of soul,” joked another. Visitors of the portal supported the guy and agreed that “beauty is inside”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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