Teachers demanded to have the seventh graders a criminal case for memes


Photo: Vitaly ANEC / RIA Novosti

Teachers of the Lyceum in Gatchina Leningrad region, wrote a statement demanding to start a criminal case against 12-year-old students for memes. This writes Инфо24.

Four students created the public in a social network “Vkontakte”, in which he posted pictures with their teachers. Teachers of chemistry and biology were dissatisfied with the pictures and demanded to make a case under article 130 of the criminal code (“Insult”). However, they did not consider that the partial criminal liability comes from 14 years, and this article was repealed in 2011 and moved into the category of administrative offences.

In addition, the meeting the mother of one of the students said that it is “not the mother” and her son will not be able to continue his studies in the Lyceum because of the “insulting pictures about teachers.” Later in the Ministry of education is advised not to pick up the documents from the school, explaining that the publication in the Internet can be grounds for expulsion.

On November 22 it became known that the teacher of a school in Novosibirsk forced the student to remove from his phone image in the genre of anime. The teacher took away the smartphone during the lesson, and then forced the child to write explanations. The teacher said to the mother of the student that Japanese paintings, destroy the psyche of children and the school has a recommendation about their ban.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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