The Agency made fat models to get fat and pretend to be even more fat


Photo: @sonnyturner___

Fat model Lauren Frederick (Frederick Lauren) shared the “crazy” claims that she and her colleagues faced in the modeling business. Her words leads edition of the Daily Mail.

When 27-year-old girl decided to work in the advertising industry clothing plus size, it became clear that its shape is not enough lush. “All agencies want the full models, and I was incomplete. I was asked to dial the weight with which I was uncomfortable,” she complained and said that during filming, she was forced to put on foam pads to look bigger.

“I felt like a liar. My friends looked at photos and did not believe that this is my body,” added the model.

In August a group of models from several agencies have filed a lawsuit against their employers for the brutal demands that they show them at work. According to the statements of the girls, they were forced, in particular, to do plastic surgery to reduce the volume of the thighs and every week to come to the humiliating weigh-in.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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