Thousands of dead bats fell from the sky on the Australian


Photo: Lisa Eagleton page in Facebook

In the Australian city of Cairns, Queensland, because of the heat massively die bats. According to the Sun, one of the local residents were forced to move after five and a half thousand dead bats littered her yard.

In late November, Phillip Shur (Philippa Schoor) found that all her kindergarten littered with the corpses of bats. In hundred-degree heat of the animal body started to decompose, and the woman nearly fainted from the stench. “It looked like a scene from a horror movie: everywhere lay the rotting bodies of bats,” he told the Australian. The authorities gave her and her two children with temporary shelter, where they were held for five nights.

The problem of complaining many of the local inhabitants: the bats are falling from the sky in the middle of the day, Australians constantly stumble upon their corpses. Because of the intolerable smell in the local Church cancels service.

“I can’t go back home until the cleaner will clean walls, furniture, bedding and automobile upholstery from this ubiquitous nauseating smell,” admitted Schur. Volunteers help her clean up the garden and harvest the bodies of animals throughout the city.

The mayor held an emergency meeting about the situation. More than 500 survivors cubs bats were placed in the shelters for wild animals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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