Trump gloated over the riots in Paris.


Photo: Thibault Camus / AP Photo

The President of the United States Donald trump commented on the riots that occurred in France due to the increase in fuel prices. He wrote about this in his Twitter.

“I’m glad my friend Emmanuel macron and protesters in Paris agreed with the conclusion to which I came two years ago. The Paris agreement solely mistaken, because it raises energy prices for responsible countries and at the same time whitewashes some of the worst polluters in the world,” he said.

Trump also said that as President he succeeded in improving the environment in the United States, and does not want to pass on to Americans the cost of cleaning up contamination in other countries.

In August 2017 the United States came out of the Paris climate agreement. It was concluded in 2015 and allocated $ 100 billion to developing countries for climate solutions. The agreement replaces the Kyoto Protocol, which was adopted in 1997.

The riots in France are continuing since mid-October. The discontent of inhabitants of the country brought news of the tax increase on gasoline. This action is called “Yellow jackets” the clothes of the protesters, facing the street in reflective vests as drivers. During the riots was destroyed in the centre of Paris, also damaged a Museum in the arc de Triomphe. On 4 December Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe announced that the government imposes moratorium on raising tariffs for fuel for a period of six months.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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