A dog saved soldiers killed in Afghanistan



A dog named Maiko, who went to Afghanistan in the us army, was killed during a firefight. About it reports The Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in Nimroz province on November 24. Seven-year-old dog tried to save their owners, podstawowej under enemy fire. The publication notes that it helped the soldiers to oust the enemy from their position.

“Maiko actions saved the life of his conductor, the Sergeant’s job and the other Rangers,” — said in the farewell letter.

Maiko was born in the Netherlands in 2011 and arrived in the US in old age. The dog has participated in campaigns to combat the militants and helped in the clearance of buildings and detecting explosives. He has also worked under the guidance of several Rangers.

In early November in the US, police killed the suspect after he shot and killed a service dog. An armed man tried to run away and let the dog by the AKC. The animal overtook the offender, but he opened fire and killed him.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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