Became aware of the strange behavior of Moscow schoolchildren with a knife


Photo: Roman Balaev / TASS

Moscow high school student who came with a knife to school and threatened to kill himself, always acted strange. About it “” said the pupils of school No. 1359 in the area Zhulebino, where emergency happened.

According to them, he was able to stand for long periods and staring at the wall and with no one to talk to, and in gym class he talked to Bush. Friends, boys, and teachers, on the contrary, loved him because he was a good student and was a “sycophant”, say the students. While one day a young man received three “very” upset and “sent” of the teacher.

A month ago the teenager had brought to school with a knife and twisted it in front of other students. They told teachers, but teachers are unable to pick up a melee weapon.

Source “” in law enforcement also said that the reason for the failure of a student could become ineligible for the exam because of the essays that he had written the day before.

On the morning of 6 December, a 16-year-old boy came in with a box cutter to school No. 1359. First, he threatened the teachers, then threatened to kill himself. With the boys locked in the office, negotiated the police and psychologists. The place came to his mother. At the moment he surrendered to law enforcement.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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