Boris Johnson forced to repent for the “forgotten” income


Photo: Toby Melville / Reuters

Former foreign Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson was forced to apologize to Parliament for not having registered on time your extra income. About it reports The Independent.

The policy had to apologize for 52 thousand pounds (almost 58,5 thousand euros) royalties for his book. In his speech, Johnson fully admitted that he had violated the rules, albeit unintentionally. According to him, payment came unexpectedly, and were made later than required. “I am grateful for the recognition that was not my intention to enter Parliament in the mistake,” he said.

As pointed out by the standards Committee, Johnson violated the strict rules when did not declare a total of nine payments for entitlement of 28 days after receiving them. This happened back in December of 2017.

In the resolution of the Committee said that the number of cases indicates that it was the lack of attention and disrespect, but not a minor situation. At the same time, after raising this issue in 2018, Johnson has taken the necessary measures to prevent a repetition. In the end he recommended to publicly apologize, which he did on Thursday, 6 December.

Johnson resigned on 9 July. He headed the British foreign office less than two years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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