Medvedev advised officials “to include brains”


Dmitry Medvedevthe: Alexander Astafyev / RIA Novosti

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has advised to some officials “to include brains” when dealing with citizens, not to make controversial statements and ill comments. He declared it in interview to journalists from the Federal channels. The stream is “Russia 24”.

“Well what can we say? The brain must be included. That’s all. When you are in authority. And unfortunately, not all succeed. Those who behave badly should be brought to responsibility”, — said the Prime Minister, answering a question about the scandals of the statements about the subsistence wage and that the state owes nothing to anybody.

Medvedev reiterated that any statement immediately gets on the Internet and becomes public, so any public servant have to think before you speak.

Over the last month, several officials have become widely known thanks to replicas for these topics. For example, the Deputy of the city Duma of Saratov Nikolay Ostrovsky said people should state, head of the Department of youth policy of the Sverdlovsk region Olga Glatskikh said about the uselessness of youth and the Deputy of the city Duma of Yaroslavl Dmitry Petrovsky advocated the total abolition of the pension and free medicine.

An interview with Dmitry Medvedev has been held for 11 times and is traditionally dedicated to the end of the year and main tasks of the government for the future.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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