Perturbed by police pressure rappers came to the state Duma and explained for drugs


Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

A group of Russian hip-hop artists spoke at the round table in the state Duma on the cancellation of concerts in the regions. Stream of the meeting published on the YouTube channel RIA Novosti.

The round table was made by the representative of the interior Ministry, who accused the Executive of LJ in the promotion of ecstasy. Rapper bird (David Nureyev) said in response that the prohibition of speeches and songs LJ does not increase the level of morality. “It’s our fault that every dog knows where to get drugs?” — he was indignant.

“We are all immoral for those who are in the monasteries,” said bird.

During the meeting, the Deputy of the state Duma Vasily Vlasov suggested that the rappers help to hold the concerts: “We’d decided at the local level. If you had informed us that the planned concert, but we stick inserted”. Bird said that “we not allow our culture to appeal to the authorities to solve such issues.”

Hip-hop-ispolnitel Roma Zhigan stressed that hates the work of LJ, which is called “clean” hat. “But banning the concerts, you make him a cult character,” he added.

“Rap is the autobiography. I have songs about prison, but I’m not advocating, I’m saying that there is nothing to do. This is not a call “will you all come and sit in jail”, we tell the soundtrack to our lives. We try to protect music people”, — explained the Gigue.

Over the past few weeks in the regions of Russia has cancelled a number of performances by contemporary musicians. November 30 concert IC3PEAK was disrupted for the seventh time. The next day the Duo was detained in Novosibirsk. In November was also cancelled speech by LJ in Yakutsk after the rapper threatened to murder.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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