Rapidly discovered stealing money virus


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In China is rapidly spreading new virus-extortionist. It is reported 2SpyWar with reference to the report of the company Velvet Security.

Malicious program is activated, on 1 December. In such a short period of time, experts have recorded the infestation of more than 100 thousand devices. The virus spreads through China’s WeChat messenger. Once on the gadget of the victim, the program behaves strange. Such viruses usually begin to quietly use the device for mining cryptocurrency, and this demands a ransom in the amount of 110 yuan (a little more than one thousand rubles).

In addition, the blackmailer steals the passwords of user accounts for services, Alipay, NetEase, Baidu Cloud Disk, Jingdong, Taobao, Tmall, QQ and AliWangWang.

At the time of infection all the victim’s information is encrypted. The attackers give for payment three days, after which, according to them, the decryption key for the specific device is automatically deleted from their servers. Experts refute these claims: in fact the encryption method is weak, and the decryption key is not stored, the criminals and the infected device.

For getting rid of the offending application was developed by a special tool. At the moment the spread of the virus examines the Chinese police.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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