“Roskosmos” because the United States began “tear on the head of hair”


Photo: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

Western sanctions have a positive side for domestic microelectronics production, told “Izvestia”, the General Director of the research Institute of molecular electronics Gennady Krasnikov.

According to him, five or six years ago about the program of development of microelectronics for space application was difficult to say, because the specialists of “Roskosmos” were determined to purchase mainly imported components. “They believed that we don’t need domestic-ECB (electronic component base — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), we all buy from the Americans. Already prepared intergovernmental agreement: we have the RD-180, they give us chips. In all seriousness, the people said. Those people are gone, the other tearing at her hair,” said Krasnikov.

The CEO added that “the challenge before us is 95 percent to cover the requirements in element base of domestic products.” “In three years we must satisfy the demand in the semiconductor space. We are doing this already, there are appropriate solutions being worked on. But it will take time,” said Krasnikov.

He confirmed that it will build a factory for the production of chips. “We want to be on a global level, 28 nanometers, the topology that will be developed in the new factory. We plan to continue steadily to reduce topological dimensions,” said Krasnikov.

In November it became known that three Russian satellites of Earth remote sensing “Resurs-P” is only one.

In April two spacecraft GLONASS failed, resulting in the current left only 22 of the satellite (to cover the territory of Russia only 18 operational satellites, while for the entire planet needs 24 operational spacecraft).

In the same month, Russia acknowledged the inability to create their own satellites. In particular, the spacecraft of the Russian global navigation satellite system GLONASS by almost 40 percent composed of foreign components. In satellites for civil purposes, this figure reaches 70 percent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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