Russian “Sokol-Eshelon” reason to fear US



To combat enemy satellites Russia is planning to use the laser system 1ЛК222 installed on the heavy transport aircraft Il-76, said the weekly “Star” military analyst, retired Colonel Mikhail Tymoshenko.

“Development of this weapon is not yet complete, but it already scared the hell out of Americans who are concerned about the safety of my space echelon. Maybe that’s why they chose to switch the focus of our attention at the termination of the INF Treaty (Treaty on intermediate and short range — approx. “Of the”), to buy time to create a means to counter this threat,” — said the expert.

In November 2012 it became known that Russia resumed development of military laser.

On the website published information about the fact that development work is “Falcon-Echelon”, involving the creation and testing of experimental laser complex 1ЛК222 that can burn body aircraft, satellites and ballistic missiles, launched under the leadership of the concern “Almaz-Antey” in 2005. As a carrier of weapons will be used in the flying laboratory on the basis of transport aircraft Il-76MD.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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