Son trump got into someone else’s privacy and reputation of an idiot


Photo: Nick Didlick / Reuters

The son of the President of the United States Donald trump Erica was criticized for the statement against her husband’s counselor of his father, Kellyann Conway. Eric wrote that her husband, George Conway, openly criticizing trump, showing disrespect for his own wife.

“Of all the disgusting things in politics, disrespect of George Conway’s wife, her career, her work and everything she’s worked so hard, can surpass all. Kelliann, Conway is a great man, and to be honest, his actions are terrible,” wrote trump Jr. on Twitter.

Many were quick to share his tweet as a model of tact and duplicity. Critics suggested that Eric does not even understand the irony of their own tweet, given that his father is “the worst person in politics.”

The President’s son urged “to look in the mirror” before you scold critics of his father. “Ask dad about marital respect,” sneered the evil microblogger. “I don’t think any of your family can moralize about the disrespect to his wife or women in General,” wrote Khan, Jackie (Jacquie Hahn) from Germany.

“Oh, please. Hell, your own mother in the divorce papers alleged that he raped her. If someone lacks respect, so it is to idiots like you and your father,” continued Jessie Colt (Jessie Colt).

The President’s son is reminded of financial fraud with the charity Fund and was advised not to say anything when he’s thinking about what to say.

Eric Trump 34 years. After the victory of the father in election, he headed the family business of Trump — Trump Organization.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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