The bride was glad the grief of the sisters and lost his family and fiance


Photo: Sebastian Gollnow / DPA /

The bride lost the love of the groom and the family once enjoyed the miscarriage sister. This publication reports The Mirror.

The story of the bride anonymously told reporters the wedding planner. According to her, the girl had a sister three years could not conceive a child. When, six months before the wedding she got, the bride immediately crossed off the list of guests and friends, as I didn’t want to “mess with the difficulties that entails pregnancy” — in particular, to alter the dress to fit “inappropriate stomach.”

After a few months the organizer again met with the bride and her mother. Their conversation was interrupted by a phone call. The mother apologized and went out, it was not for long, and she returned with tear-stained face. The woman announced that the call was from the sister of the bride, and she had a miscarriage. The organizer didn’t know what to say to comfort clients.

The silence was broken by the bride: “Oh, good. I don’t think she can come to my wedding, just to not be pregnant anymore”. After these words the mother said to the organizer “the icy voice,” that is no longer in need of its services, as not going to pay for her daughter’s wedding. The bride started to panic and cry, but she failed to appease the mother and to convince her to change her decision.

According to the organizer, the next day she called the groom and said that the wedding will not do.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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