The cause of the weakness of a single European army


Photo: David W Cerny / Reuters

The idea of creating a single European army will result in a complete disaster. This is stated in the journal The National Interest.

As noted in the article, the main weakness in the creation of a common army would be the lack of political integration of the countries. The publication writes that the European Union is not United in its views and is more an economic unit than the United States of Europe.

While the military challenges facing the Europeans, not so acute as political. And the countries themselves, probably because of historical reasons and national pride will retain its own army. This will eventually lead to the fact that less resources will be spent on maintenance of pan-European groups. In addition, the unified army will partially duplicate the objectives of NATO, and even the Alliance of a large part of its member countries spends less than it should be.

“Who will make the decision to send a European army to war? If the European Union, it must be the unanimous decision of all countries (…). But in Norway and Greece may be a different understanding of what is worth fighting for”, — stated in the article. The result is that, without political integration, Europe can not maintain military power equivalent to its economic power.

On 6 November the President of France Emmanuel macron voiced the idea to create a common European army. In his opinion, Europeans need protection from China and Russia, which “lies at the borders and showed that could pose a threat.” He also stressed that does not want the defense of the EU countries depended on the United States.

In response, the US President Donald trump called the proposal offensive.

The idea of creating a unified army has been around for many years. For the first time about the military agreement in Europe, the talk after the Second world war, in 1948. Then Britain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg signed the Brussels Pact, agreeing to “collective self-defence”. In 1954 he was joined by Germany and Italy, and this group called the Western European Union, it lasted until 2011.

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