The defense Ministry commented on the approaching US warships to Russian waters


USS McCampbellФото: Konstandinos Goumenidis / U.S. Navy via Getty Images

The official representative of the Ministry of defense expressed surprise at the statements of the representatives of the United States Navy on the “demonstrative” the passage of the us destroyer near the territorial waters of Russia. This was told the TV channel “Star”.

“In fact, the URO destroyer McCampbell, the U.S. Navy not even close to Russian territorial waters closer than 100 kilometers. Moreover, throughout the transition in international waters, the us destroyer was followed under the control in the immediate vicinity of the Russian large anti-submarine ship Pacific fleet, “Admiral Tributs” as well as naval aircraft of the Pacific fleet,” said major General Igor Konashenkov.

According to him, the crew of the USS “demonstrated” is that an unsuccessful attempt to escape from his accompanying Russian vessels. Konashenkov also said that at the moment the American ship “shows his mettle” in more than 400 kilometers from the Russian territorial waters, in the Central part of the sea of Japan.

Earlier on 6 December reported on the passage of the us destroyer near Peter the Great Bay. Press Secretary of the U.S. Pacific fleet Lieutenant Rachel Makmur said that the maneuver was carried out in protest against the “excessive Maritime claims of Russia”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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