The enemy is a dirty sport again complained of wanting to kill Russians


Photo: Simon Hastegard /

Swedish biathlete Sebastian Samuelsson said that he was unpleasant to receive letters with death threats from Russian fans. Words athlete leads “CHempionata”.

“This is an unfair reaction to what I actually want to say and what they want to achieve. People do not understand, what is my purpose. I just want fair competition,” said the Swede. Samuelsson said that he was afraid for his life when he began to receive such communications.

He also noted that he believes that the Russians, too, want to see a “clean” sport. According to Samuelsson, hold competitions in Russia will be possible, but until the country has fulfilled all the necessary requirements. “Russia needs to work more on several points,” — said biathlete.

Samuelsson is a well — known opponent of the restoration of the Russian sports, standing for a boycott of the biathlon competition in Russia. In particular, last season he refused to participate in the world Cup in Tyumen. In September, he said that he had received threats from “Russian death squadron”.

At the Olympic games in Pyeongchang Samuelsson won the gold medal in the relay and won a silver medal in the pursuit race.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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