The journalist was fired for revealing outfits


Photo: @PatsKarvelas

An Australian journalist kicked out of press conference in Parliament because of overly revealing attire. About it reports “Interfax”.

An employee of the national public broadcasting Corporation, Australia (ABC) Patricia Karvelas (Patricia Karvelas) told subscribers about the incident on Twitter and attached to the post picture.

“I just got kicked from the conference, claiming that my clothes are too revealing. It’s crazy,” wrote the woman was a top with short sleeves.

Later, in an interview for ABC she added that she was approached by the assistant and asked to cover the shoulders of the jacket. When Karvelas refused to wear the robe, she was asked to leave the Parliament.

The publication of the journalist has collected about three thousand likes, and many people expressed support in the comments. Among them was a former member of the Parliament of Australia Craig Emerson. “This is absurd. Don your costume and rule”, — the politician wrote.

“No cut, clear sleeves. Now in the Australian summer, and this is a beautiful, professional work outfit,” agreed another user.

In November, Australian model and fashion blogger Newsu Siech kicked out of the Louvre because of overly revealing attire.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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