The main threats to the world economy


Photo: Gina moon / RIA Novosti

Bloomberg called the main political threats to the global economy in 2019. One of the most significant risk factors is called a trade war between the US and China. If the American leader Donald trump will impose new duties on Chinese goods, the GDP growth of China will slow down by half a percent.

“This dispute may be the beginning of a long economic cold war”, — noted the authors.

Impact on the economy may also a dispute between Italian authorities and the European Union, which relates to the planned expenditure budget. The differences in the ruling circles of Italy can also be a threat, the Agency added.

Will have a negative impact on the situation and the UK out of the EU: Brexit by 2020 the country’s GDP is seven percent lower than in the case that London will remain in the EU.

Among other threats are called as oil prices (and in particular the relationship between the US and Iran on this issue), as well as the upcoming elections in several countries.

In July, analysts say the additional risks for the economy: the growing financial vulnerability, increasing tension in the trade and geopolitics, and structural inequality and weak growth.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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