The patient coughed up a piece of the lung due to heart problems


Photo: NEJM

In the US, the patient was coughing so much that he came out through the mouth piece of the lung. This publication reports The Mirror with reference to the medical journal New England Medical Journal of Medicine.

The man was taken to the intensive care unit of the medical center of the University of California in San Francisco because of worsening chronic heart failure. 36-year-old patient since childhood had suffered from heart problems a few years ago he had his pacemaker.

Within a week after admission the patient started breathing problems: coughing up sputum and blood. Doctors were forced to additionally to supply it with oxygen via nasal cannula. During another severe coughing fit, he came off a piece of the bronchial tree of the right lung and came out. After that, the patient in the trachea had to install a breathing tube, but after two days the need for it disappeared, stopped the coughing.

A week later he died from heart failure, despite the installation of doctors ventricular assistive devices.

In January it was reported about a woman who broke a rib due to severe coughing. As found by the doctors, she suffered from whooping cough.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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