The tourist retaliated secretly filmed her in the shower pervert



Visitor Hilton Worldwide filed a property claim in the amount of $ 100 million after the pervert was filming her on a hidden camera in the shower. About it reports Fox News.

A resident of Chicago, was vacationing in the hotel Hampton Inn in new York in 2015 and did not know that someone secretly being peeped. However, at the end of September 2018 who called himself a “pervert” stranger contacted her and started to blackmail her.

“I’m a pervert. I wouldn’t hurt anyone. I just like to watch. Promise me a private show, otherwise I’ll spread these pictures all over the Internet,” wrote the man in the letter.

After some time he began to send some recordings of her colleagues and was required to pay him a thousand dollars to have it stopped sending. The American woman had to go to court with a lawsuit.

Law enforcement officers believe that the blackmailer is a member of staff, and that this girl was not the only one he filmed.

“Recently, the hotel carried out a renovation and we found no recording devices. We will continue to investigate and find the culprit. The safety of our guests is of paramount importance for us”, — commented the representative of the hotel.

In November, passengers of the cruise ship Carnival Fantasy in his cabin discovered a hidden camera aimed at their bed. The incident occurred when the couple, Chris and Dana white have made a three-day cruise to the Caribbean. In the television show Inside Edition they said that the recording device was hidden in a television wires.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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