The Ukrainians left without Hungarian passports


Photo: Nancy O. sisel / RIA Novosti

Hungary will not issue passports to citizens of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region. This was stated by Ukrainian foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, UNIAN reports.

“They say they don’t issue the passports and will not be. That’s good, because I remember when he said (Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siyyarto) that the issuance of Hungarian passports in our territory is not contrary to Ukrainian law. Now it is, by definition, is over,” — said Klimkin.

However, he noted that he could not guarantee that the Hungarian side will not attempt to issue passports on-site. “For us a matter of principle, the absolute principle, in their consulates in the Ukrainian territory by definition they can’t give out such as the Hungarian passport”, — added the Minister.

Earlier, on 12 November it was reported that the Governor of the Transcarpathian region Gennady Moskal said that the situation with the mass granting of Hungarian documents to the Ukrainians in Transcarpathia after the diplomatic scandal between the two countries has not changed. According to him, citizens receive passports, and it does not affect the economy and the situation in the region.

Diplomatic scandal between Ukraine and Hungary happened in September of this year. Then there was video from the Hungarian Consulate in Transcarpathia, where the Consul distributed in the building of the diplomatic mission passports to Ukrainians and led them to the oath of allegiance to Hungary. It later turned out that the diplomat didn’t give out passports and the packet of documents for obtaining citizenship. But the incident provoked a scandal, the results of which Ukraine was kicked out of the country the Consul. Hungary responded similarly.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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