The woman went over the cabbage and have received hundreds of thousands of dollars


Vanessa WardФото: Virginia Lottery

A resident of Maryland won the lottery hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to the cabbage. About it reports UPI.

The woman went to the store to buy cabbage, you will need her father. At the same time she purchased a ticket of instant lottery. Under his protective covering hid the invitation to the headquarters of the organizers where she had to spin the prize wheel, which will determine her win.

The minimum prize was $ 100 thousand, a maximum of half a million. The wheel stopped at around 225 thousand dollars (15 million rubles). The woman plans to spend part of the money in a trip to Disney World and the rest of the money to save for retirement.

In November it was reported that the Manhattan resident became the winner of the largest prize in lottery history in new York. Every week he bought a lottery ticket and filled in the numbers suggested by the relative of a quarter of a century ago.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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