“Unknown Tajik” from the Russian Ministry spoke for the first time


Photo: znak.com

The new head of the Cadastral chamber of Russia Parviz Tukhtasunov person for the first time spoke. He gave an interview to the Ural edition Znak.com in which he told about his way to the appointment of officials at the Federal level.

Tukhtasunov said that after medical school he went to non-state training abroad, where he realized she didn’t want to associate itself with medicine, and he is interested in management. After the internship he went into private medicine, where he began to engage in the development of private clinics.

The gradual improvement of the skills of the Manager demanded of him cognition of IT, which, in his own words he has mastered. “Any modern development is associated with IT. This also applies to the quality management and staff, and different business processes. Just as the period is still actively developed, I immersed myself in the subject and has already engaged her,” explains his rapid formation of Tukhtasunov.

According to him, the development of IT industry has also contributed work to an unnamed investment company, where he was responsible for investments in the IT sector.

“After we had a project-fun with a friend who dropped by its author’s method more than 100 pounds of weight, and we began to make application for this technique. Just then boom all associated with a healthy lifestyle. Then I was asked to do a project on creating a Unified Federal information system on agricultural land in Rosselkhozcenter” tells the story of his success of Tukhtasunov.

First version published biography of Tukhtasunov called fake, according to him, it was published in order to derail his appointment to the post of head of the Cadastral chamber, as well as “to smear, to revenge, to bring me or other people from themselves.”

Tukhtasunov considers himself an effective Manager, but a young technocrat requests not to call. “I would like to consider myself an effective Manager. I think in two years I have proved my efficiency in the building,” — said Tukhtasunov.

The appointment of the new head of the Cadastral chamber caused a wide public resonance, because his biography was not known virtually nothing. Originally published in biographical reference was not even a specialized education, subsequently Rosreestr attributed his higher education at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, however, as found out “Tape.ru” it wasn’t higher education about a nine-month training courses.

The Ministry of economic development, which included the Federal registration service and Cadastral chamber still not responded to the request “of the Tape.ru” on Tukhtasunov appointment to the post of head of Cadastral chamber. The order of appointment was signed by the Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin on November 27.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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