American earned a large sum in anticipation of a cash prize


Photo: Oregon Lottery

An American resident of Portland, Oregon, won a huge jackpot while waiting for the issuance of other lottery prize. It is reported by news portal UPI.

Sam Hawley (Hawley Sam) came in for a prize around 7:30 a.m. local time to pick up the win in 1759 dollars (about 117 thousand rubles). On entering he learned that the lottery office opens in an hour and to kill time, went to the nearest store.

There Hawley bought another lottery ticket and put it in the same combination of numbers as in the past. “I have a few years of playing the lottery with the same numbers,” he said.

When the center opened, Hawley received his 1759 $ and asked to verify the new ticket. It turned out that he brought the man 118 thousand dollars (7.8 million rubles).

In November it was reported the fan of lotteries, which twice hit the jackpot, writing a ticket with the same combination of numbers. In the end, her win was about half a million dollars (of 33.4 million).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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