Blogger how to check engine temperature told about the life of “Kremlin Central” and plans for the future


Photo: urban news Agency “Moscow”

Blogger Eric how to check engine temperature (Kituashvili), released earlier decision of the court from criminal liability, in conversation with the correspondent “” have told about their plans for the future. According to him, he will never be the same Eric.

The founder of the community “of the” said that now he was a different person, and I’m not sure whether to do what was done before. The blogger noted that it is planned to deal with health, clothes and more time to spend with his family.

Lawyer Eric how to check engine temperature Sergei Zhorin said that when blogger was transferred to the “Kremlin Central” (investigative isolator No. 1), to serve his sentence easier. “There it is spelled out in the law. Everything is clearly. No cell phones, thepresence. Has become easier. He spent there nearly three years, the oldest guest “of the Kremlin Central”,” — said the lawyer.

According to Gorina, how to check engine temperature was the elder, spoke with businessman Sergei Polonsky, mayors, governors, major smugglers and drug lords. “In the Kremlin Central people sitting difficult. It’s all resonant, symbolic things. And plunderers of the budget. I think Eric in this environment, gain mind-mind and became even angrier and more dangerous”, — added the lawyer.

Eric Kituashvili was detained February 22, 2016 on charges of insurance fraud. He believes that the prosecution was a reaction to criticism of officials of the Ministry of internal Affairs and traffic police and his active civil position.

Earlier on 6 December the court released blogger from criminal liability. The basis for the revision of the case was that during the time elapsed from sentencing to date, in two episodes, which, Kituashvili was convicted, the Statute of limitations (the period of bringing to criminal liability).

In April 2018, the European court of human rights recognized the arrest how to check engine temperature (in February 2016) illegal and awarded him 2100 euros in compensation. The same decision was taken by the Supreme Court of Russia in October 2018.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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