Canadian half-century kept unopened gift from the girl and finally looked inside



65-year-old resident of the canadian city of Edmonton, Alberta, which is almost half a century kept the gift from the girl left him, found out what was inside. This writes CTV News.

48 years ago, Adrian Pearce (Adrian Pearce) finished school. Before Christmas, the girl he had met, handed him the gift and then said that he wanted to leave. He did not open the parcel and since then every year put them under the tree. This continued for many years until the tradition was interrupted at the insistence of his wife.

At the end of 2017 on the Pier and his unopened gift told in the media. One of the articles caught the eye of Vicki Allen (Vicki Allen) — the same girl who dumped him many years ago. After correspondence in Facebook pierce and his wife invited Allen to visit.

With so many people a woman came on the scene, local cafés and personally opened the gift. For many years Allen managed to forget what was in the package, so its contents were a surprise even to her. Inside was a small collection of sayings about love entitled “Love it: new ways to notice the feeling.” “Oh no! she exclaimed. — I can’t give this to him!”

Then Allen explained what happened 48 years ago. According to her, as she walked through the Mall and chose a gift for Pierce, she was approached by a strange man and suddenly kissed her. “All this wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t kissed him in response,” says the woman. After that she decided that she must immediately leave the Pier.

“We had a very innocent relationship. We went to high school, recalls Allen. — I didn’t know he was so experienced.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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