Developed the first intelligent sex robot for women


Photo: @abyssrealdoll

The company Realbotix prepared for production of the first sex robot with a male appearance. This publication reports the Metro.

The flagship model is named Henry. The developers claim that the robot is able to maintain a conversation and joke. Customers will be able to customize its appearance, including the length of the silicon penis, which reaches 28 inches. In addition to Henry, there are three models: Michael, Mick and Nate.

“We received far more requests than you might think, from women who want a sex partner, a companion — someone with whom you can talk,” says the founder Realbotix Matt McMullen, better known as the Creator of the realistic sex dolls RealDoll.

According to him, Henry can listen and memorize what he is told, however, not expect that he will take out the trash and fix the sink. The cost of a sex robot, according to the Sun, will be 10 thousand dollars (670 thousand).

In the beginning of 2018, went on sale first sex robot Realbotix – harmony. She looked like a woman and could speak, blink, smile, and even remember information about the life of his master. Her emotions and voice can be controlled using the mobile app.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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