Disappeared from radio legendary song about “sexual violence” justified


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The disappearance from the airwaves of American radio songs Baby It’s Cold Outside (“Baby, it’s cold outside”) has generated discontent among the audience. This drew the attention of the newspaper The Independent.

First from the hit of 1944, the authorship of Broadway composer Frank Loesser refused radio Cleveland (Ohio, USA). The guide explained that many listeners complained about the traditional Christmas song, as heard in the text a hint of sexual violence. After that, a few radio stations in the U.S. and Canada decided to remove the song from rotation.

Twitter users noted that the refusal does. “If people were outraged as well as about the song, but only because of 636 thousand cases of appeal to the authorities for sexual violence in Canada, maybe rape really would be less,” — said the canadian.

The discussion was also joined by an English teacher. In his post on Tumblr, she explained that the song should not be understood as it is interpreted by a modern audience. The phrase “What’s in the drink?” (“Hey what’s in this drink”) during the writing of a hit was considered a joke and meant in the glass of the interlocutor either non-alcoholic or low-alcohol beverage. Prosecutors thought that this remark directly suggests that the character of “solder”.

Disputes and discussion, reflected in the song: the man persuades the girl to stay because she had stayed at his home. In the eyes of the indignant people, it looked like a sample of coercion. But, according to the teacher, the meaning of this dialogue was the opposite: she wanted to be near her favorite person, but I couldn’t tell him about it directly, so had to sort out weak arguments, to eventually remain with the young man.

At the end of his explanation, the teacher was poironizirovat on the fact that in those years, women have suffered from Patriarchy, but in a completely different form: they were not allowed to show interest, and they were obliged secretly to show signs of attention, to not to be considered frivolous in the society and not to give rise to rumors among the neighbors.

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