In Uryupinsk built the first movie theater and killed a meme about him


Photo: Cinema “Mir” Uryupinsk / VKontakte

Outdoor Uryupinsk cinema stripped “the capital of the Russian province” is a local meme. This writes Strelka Magazine.

Until 2003 worked in the city’s only cinema “Mir”, but it was closed due to outdated equipment. 15 years, the residents informed were deprived of the opportunity to watch movies on the big screen and had to go to the views in the neighboring Voronezh oblast 100 kilometers.

Local residents, discussing any challenges began to add the phrase “I wish the cinema was built”. Gradually, the expression so firmly entered into the everyday life that has become a local meme, and even appeared on souvenir production in the city.

Repair of the cinema at a cost of 5 million rubles. Funds for the revival of the “World” allocated “cinema Fund”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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