Named way to lose weight over the weekend


Photo: Mike Segar / Reuters

Researchers at Texas tech University talked about how to lose weight over the weekend without training. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The experts analyzed the effect of the exercises on certain neural connections of the brain, which are available for mice and humans, and found that the effect of a medium intensity workout can last for several days.

The results of the experience, published in the journal Molecular Metabolism, showed that one-hour workout on a treadmill reduced the appetite of rats for six hours, and allowed them to quickly lose weight. After a workout, their metabolism was accelerated at 48 hours and the body burns more calories. “This result may explain the level of neural connections, why many people don’t feel hungry immediately after a workout,” said one of the researchers Dr. Kevin Williams (Kevin Williams).

In the experiment, scientists have suggested that a break from training at the weekend will not affect metabolism, blood sugar or the appetite of man, if he played sports on Friday. They also admit that the more one trains, the longer the effect lasts.

In November, the American nutritionist, Professor Satchin Panda and founder of Real Nutrition NYC, Amy Shapiro talked about how to lose weight properly planned meal of the day. According to experts, between Breakfast and dinner should be no more than eight hours.

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