Participant “Palanok” complained of a staged show


Photo: @official_milas

Participant of the TV show “pretty darling girl” Ksenia Milas said that reality TV is staged. In his Instagram the girl explained that the plot of the transfer depends entirely on the writers and editors, and not from the participants themselves.

Milas said that in fact, no re-education “Palanok” in “lady” is not happening. “Null everything you’ve seen!” she said, turning to the audience. Your post Milas was accompanied by a video where one of the participants of the show rejoices in her care.

According to Milas, it has long planned to leave reality for personal reasons, but the head of the project “Brats” tried to persuade her to continue to participate. “I agreed on the condition that the pasture they’d send me home,” explained Milas.

In the end the girl had to leave the project “English.” After the series, she found that with the mounting of the adhesions it seems viewers a coward who ruined the project.

Milas stated that the employees of the TV channel “Friday” cut her big monologue about the unwillingness to lie, in contrast to the other participants. “To cheat that I would become a Lady, cheat on their orientation, although all finalists have the same orientation, as I do,” she wrote. She is an open lesbian.

Earlier it became known that two members of the Vietnamese version of the show “the Bachelor” has left the show and became a couple. Since then, the girls are inseparable.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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