“Relight” became the assassin Tomahawk


Frame: the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

Russian combat laser “Peresvet” is able to counteract the American precision subsonic cruise missiles, long-range Tomahawk, said to RIA Novosti military analyst Alex Leonov.

“With the help of laser can effectively deal with mass air attacks with precision weapons or means of intelligence are used as a tool for optoelectronic devices”, — said the expert.

Because “the influence of a strong radiation electronics quickly breaks down”, according to the expert, “Peresvet” will “to blind enemy vehicles, permanently”.

“For example, for the purpose of the American missiles Tomahawk looking for it visually, focusing on digital representation of relief, laid in memory of homing. At this time, if it will work this complex as “Peresvet”, the search will stop. Loss goals Tomahawk samolikvidirovalsja,” — said Leonov.

In December, a military analyst, retired Colonel Mikhail Tymoshenko said that to counter enemy satellites Russia is planning to use the laser system 1ЛК222 installed on the heavy transport aircraft Il-76.

According to the author of The National Interest, Michael Bake, the modern Tomahawk Block IV actually is a flying drone which can not be considered a rocket technological level of the 1980s or 1990s, but “it’s still subsonic cruise missile of the cold war, which looks like a dinosaur compared to the supersonic and hypersonic weapons developed today.”

On the development of a fighting laser complex the President of Russia Vladimir Putin declared in March 2018 during address to the Federal Assembly. According to the head of state, “the presence of such weapons systems in multiples extends the capabilities of Russia in the sphere of their security.” The equipment of the troops “Overexposure” began in December 2017. A year later, the weapon took on experimental combat duty.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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