Saying about the uselessness of youth official has revealed the secret of tenure


Photo: TASS

The head of the Department of youth policy of the Sverdlovsk region Olga Glatskikh, which temporarily suspended because of the statements about the uselessness of young people, said in an interview with YouTube blogger Sergey Kolesnikova why can not resign voluntarily.

“My conscience does not allow and, in fact, even the human factor can not give up”, she said and added that due to her removal in the region is not already running are three important Federal project, but did not specify which ones.

According to Glackin, its future depends on the results of the audit which is still ongoing.

The clerk commented on the accusations of “bought” education. She stated that she has two diplomas from the leading universities of the country and is currently engaged in research activities.

“You can participate in the defense of the dissertation and make sure bought if I had an education or not,” said Glackin.

She compared its current problems with a spinal injury she received as a teenager and despite this has achieved great results in professional sports.

Glackin especially sad that the witnesses of the persecution, which she had arranged on the Internet, become her close relatives and the child.

Controversial speech to students when she is within a few minutes to explain to the children that the state should not do because we did not ask them to give birth, the official said “mistake”.

“Really sorry, apologized already,” said Glackin. She noticed that her words to heart, took a large number of people.

Earlier, on November 7, reported the start of the preliminary investigation of the spending of budget funds by officials led by Olga Glatskikh Department.

The scandal surrounding Glackin arose after the publication in social networks video of the round table in Kirovgrad, where on 3 November she told the students that the state a priori they do not owe anything. “The government they [parents] didn’t ask you to give birth, that is, if we go from the beginning,” the official said.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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