Schoolboy-nationalist wounded from the rocket the Russians after a dispute about the second world war


Photo: RIA Novosti

In St. Petersburg 17-year-old 11th grade student stabbed a signal from the rocket 35-year-old man who joined with him in the dispute about the outcome of the great Patriotic war. On Friday, 7 December, a source in law enforcement bodies has informed “Interfax”.

As noted, the incident occurred on the morning of September 20, the house 61 on Bucharest street. The pupil of school №519 entered into a dispute with a man born in 1983 on the outcome of the great Patriotic war. Due to ideological differences, the student beat the man and shot him in the face from the device “the Signal of the hunter” (hand rocket launcher).

After the incident, the victim hospitalized in moderate condition with a contusion of the right eyeball of the second degree, hemorrhage and abrasions of the face. According to a source in law enforcement bodies, the assailant was a member of an informal youth movement of the nationalist orientation.

The student was detained in early December currently he is under house arrest. In fact the incident a criminal case under part 1 of article 112 of the criminal code (“Intentional infliction of harm to health of average weight”).

On 1 March it was reported that in Kaliningrad the pensioner fired the signal flare of a DJ who refused to supply him with a song by Igor Nikolaev.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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