The first channel is suspected in the substitution of disappointed Maidan Ukrainians Belarusians


Kirill Chubenko / Vitaly Yurchenkove: / page Vitaly Yurchenko on Facebook

In the story of the First channel dedicated to the anniversary of Euromaidan in Ukraine, under the guise of a participant in those events Cyril Chubenko could show students from Belarus with a different name. About it on his website, wrote blogger Ilya Varlamov.

A young man named Cyril Chubenko appears almost at the end of the story. He complains of the cold battery in his apartment and says that “the independence he has given nothing,” and its members “had to look to the future.”

According to the blogger, the story looked very convincing. However, after some time, his mail came a letter in which it was reported that the Ukrainian Chubenko was a resident of Minsk Vitaly Yurchenko. The author of the letter noted that the Belarusian graduated from the law faculty of Baku state University and “never misery”, and the Maidan had nothing to do, so while still studying.

After that Varlamov found a page of Vitaly Yurchenko in social networks, which were published photos of a man very similar to the hero story of the First channel. In addition, the blogger interviewed several friends Yurchenko from friends, who testified that they had seen him in Minsk, and about his relations with Ukraine do not know anything.

Vitaly Yurchenko in touch with the blogger failed.

“In the video of the news team of the First channel never mentioned that Kirill Chubenko — Ukrainian and/or Ukrainian citizen. Only the caption informs us that this is Ukraine, but about the hero of the story no information. We don’t know what city he lives, where he works or studies. So directly I’m here to say nothing,” — concluded Varlamov.

In November, the authors of the program “Good morning” on the First channel gave the Soviets a large family Vaseneva from the suburbs how to save money in December. In particular, the experts advised to abandon sausages as Christmas decorations to use cookies and homemade wooden toys, and to buy only domestic products.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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