The student hooked up the headphones to the phone and died


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16-year-old from Malaysia died due to shock after I connected the headphones to the smartphone is charging. About it writes Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in the suburbs of Rembau of the state of Negeri Sembilan. According to the mother, in the morning she saw her son lying on the floor, and thought that he was asleep. When she came back from work, tried to Wake him, then called doctors. Doctors discovered he had a burn on the left ear, and after the autopsy established that he died as a result of the shock.

It is noted that the teenager went to bed wearing headphones, which was connected to the phone charging. The brother of the boy said that when I touched the phone, felt a weak shock. Photos of the boy began to spread in the network as a warning of danger

In July, the Chinese city of Wuhan, received a head injury in the explosion of charging the smartphone, which was lying under the pillow. It is reported that the man was lying in bed with the phone on charging and after some time fell asleep, leaving the laptop battery under the pillow. About two o’clock the charger exploded due to overheating.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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